At Nicol Mere, we’re proud of the work that we do to make our children more aware of ecological issues.

The Eco-Council members meet with Mrs Rostron every week to discuss the school environment and how it can be improved for both the children and the wildlife. Some topics on the agenda this year include:

  • Improving the school environment including creating more shaded areas
  • Litter management
  • Flower and vegetable outdoor patches with the possibility of growing our own food
  • Bird feeding
  • Recycling

The aims of the Eco-Council are to:

  • Ensure that everyone in the school community is represented in the decision-making process;
  • Provide a link between pupils, teachers, senior management team, governors and the whole school community;
  • Take the lead in delivering the Eco-Council School Action Plan.
  • Make links across the curriculum including Science and DT

Our Eco-Council Members


Eco-Council Tree Planting

As part of the Eco-Council mission, each pupil in school had the opportunity to plant their own tree within the school grounds. These included a variety of British native trees and fruit trees. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and they are looking forward to watching their own tree grow.